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If you're looking for a FREE website then look no further - sign up to our brilliant Sitefy starter package. Perfect for anyone wanting to create a small-scale website, it still comes with oodles of great features such as our superb content management system, image galleries, contact forms, search-engine optimised pages and loads more…

One of the major benefits of creating and hosting your site with Sitefy is that it comes with our easy-to-use content management system. Anyone with a bit of word processing experience can use it; you don't need more technical knowhow than that! Many of our clients have been using it effortlessly for years.

The Sitefy FREE package is great if you need an online presence quickly but have a very tight budget. You might be the secretary of a small local triathlon club, or the organiser of your local choir.

You could be a ‘one-man' or ‘one-woman' business that's just starting up; you need some sort of web presence but you either don't need or are not yet in a position to invest in a fully-functioning e-commerce site. You can upgrade at any time to our Lite and Pro versions should you decide you need the community and e-commerce features.

That being said, as you can see from the packages comparison table, even a Free Sitefy site will give you some impressive features, and will take you just a few minutes to set up.

This starter package is great for small-scale websites. You'll be able to have your own images and text on your pages, as well as contact forms and news-style pages. And your finished site will be search-engine optimised.

If all this wasn't enough, our simple CMS makes it a doddle for you to maintain and develop your website on a regular basis. Not only that but we host your site for FREE too!

If you don't want ads on your site and you want to take advantage of our community features then you might want to sign up to the Lite version. Or if you want these features and you're serious about running your business online, you can go straight to setting up a Pro version and start getting your products uploaded to sell quickly and easily.

Alternatively, if you've had your Free site for a few weeks, built your pages and got used to the CMS, you can upgrade easily to either the Lite or Pro version.

The upgrade options are not available during this beta phase.

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